Modern and ecological farming solutions.

Drones and robots with unlimited possibilities for all your berry growing, horticulture, forestry and cereal growing needs.

The company's activities

Smart and innovative farming technology sales, one stop shop farming drones services.

Plant protection services, spraying, fertilization, disinfection : mosquitoes, tick etc.

After sales, warranty, maintenance and repair services.

Training services for operators, maintenance training, operations training, flight safety requirements training.

Let’s make the world a better place together, by creating a green, healthy and secure future.

Innovative and modern farming technologies – designed to uproot traditional ways of operations in agriculture with efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Simple but complex spraying operations combine Artificial intelligence  and efficiency in farming on plain fields, crops, corns, hemp, rapeseed, orchards and forests


  • Fertilizer and Plant Protection Product application on Plants
  • Disinfection of outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Prevention and control of invasive insects and plants
  • Pellet fertilizing and seeds spreading services

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What is special?

  • Low cost and consumption solution
  • Atomization system enables precise spraying
  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions
  • Labor saving operations
  • Low operational costs
  • Operations safety and Safe way of workers treating crop fields
  • Less polluted water, soil & air – no contact with the soil during operations
  • 90 % less water & 30% less chemical substances are used








In short, XAG was founded in 2007. The company is firstly committed to the development and implantation of agricultural technology. Furthermore, it is one of the world’s leading UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) R&D manufacturers and a smart agriculture solution provider. Headquartered in Guangzhou, XAG has set up laboratories and research stations in 20 countries, including Australia, Japan, Germany, etc., participated in a number of frontier agri-tech projects.


Partnering with many influential international enterprises, XAG aims to firstly provide global farmers with the best local solutions ranging from plant protection, crop monitoring, and farm management. Secondly, with the joint efforts of more than 1,400 employees in R&D, manufacturing and application fields, XAG has successfully blazed a trail in smart & sustainable agriculture.


Combining World Leading Drone Technology, IoT Field Monitoring Stations, GNSS RTK Geospatial XAG Agricultural Intelligence, and Cloud Computing to achieve Smart Agriculture, XAG aims to tackle the rural aging problem, preserve resources & biodiversity while improving productivity & ensuring food security

World Leading Drone Technology

Utilize the world’s leading drone technology to manage your farmland with precision. Achieve maximum production efficiency while reducing chemical & water consumption, wastage in agricultural production and also significantly reducing agriculture production pollution

Production Monitoring and Authenticity
Remote monitoring of farmland and food production processes, traceable and transparent with the help of continuous IoT Field Monitoring Station.

XAG Research Collaborations

XAG is dedicated to revolutionize the agricultural industry and create a better future for humanity. In addition to our dedication, XAG also participates in various international research projects with prime objectives to provide more precise, smarter, and economical solutions for agriculture around the world. Our research partners include Professionals, Universities, Industry leaders, and etc.. from various backgrounds