Aerial seeding

Aerial Seeding

Change the way you farm with a Crop Seeding Drone

To reduce workload and increase efficiency farming methods had to advance continuously. Therefore introducing drones had a positive impact on several industries, but most of all on agriculture. For example, seeding drones allow farmers to sow their seeds quicker and more uniformly.

Planting seeds is a critical factor in producing the perfect harvest. For this reason, it’s imperative to consider using a crop seeding drone to distribute seeds across the field.

Our partners are the leaders in advanced agricultural technology. As a result, most of their drones can be equipped with a granule spreading system.

  • When using mapping drones, with the help of analysis software, you can determine the soil condition, analyze its texture and moisture content. Furthermore, the information you receive from the drone allows you to plan the layout of the field and optimize seeding and planting rates via your application drone. As a result, you reap a complete and uniform harvest.
  • Sowing the seeds is only the first step. Secondly, you need to think of crop management which is an essential aspect of the industry. That is to say, drones make it possible to view crops through every stage of their development. Instead of taking out the tractor or walking through the fields, it takes a matter of minutes to get your drone in the air. This will provide you with a detailed report, with clear images for you to determine what the crop requires to continue growing effectively. Some sensors help establish chlorophyll levels, the presence of pests, moisture, and plant stress levels.
  • After you’ve used your drone and distributed your seeds as you require, you can use the payload carrier to tend to the seeds you planted. For example, the spreader on the drone can effectively spread granular fertilizers and pesticides.

Application sample

With advances in drone technology, our company has been able to integrate the newest module onto our drone to provide efficient and cost-effective aerial seeding and spreading services. To clarify, aerial seeding is safe, eco-friendly, and doesn’t cause soil compaction.

Drone Seeding is an extremely cost-effective solution for aerial seeding. Firstly, the maneuverability of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) allows our pilot to service isolated or difficult to access areas. Secondly, combined with aerial surveying services, our drones can be utilized for variable and constant rate spreading.

Our UAV equipped with 8 Electronic Ducted Fans (EDF) generates high-speeds, focused airflows at up to 18m/s. This, through projecting streams of powerful, stable and high-speed air with centimeter-level flight accuracy, brings every granule to the place it is supposed to be. Furthermore, the embedded rolling feeder guarantees a uniform output. This means, farmers will no longer face the problems of uneven seeding or material overuse.

Equipped on Agricultural drones, the JETSEED Granule Spreading System can be used to spread solid particles such as seeds, granular fertilizers and pesticides. For example, it is suitable for various operation scenarios such as rice field seeding, re-vegetation, snow-Melting, fertilizer spreading, and much more