Aerial spraying

Aerial Drone Spraying

Our UAV’s aerodynamic design is perfectly fit to accommodate the Controlled Droplet Application Nozzles (certified by the University of Queensland). As a result, chemicals penetrate through dense foliage by eliminating spray drift, accelerating the spray and increasing its reach.

The Lithuanian agriculture industry is associated with many challenges. For example,  unpredictable weather patterns, crop disease, irrigation issues, and pest control. Adding complexity to this, traditional methods of evaluating and managing farmland can be highly complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Drone Spraying is an extremely cost-effective solution for aerial application of chemicals. Firstly, the maneuverability of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) allows our pilot to service isolated or difficult to access areas. Second, combined with aerial surveying services, our drones can be utilized for variable and constant volume spraying.

AI assisted flight controller with RTK positioning allows the UAV to achieve unimaginable precision and maintain accurate height above the vegetation. Therefore, spray density is maintained even as the canopy rises and falls so that the pre-set amount is applied at all times.

Faster Application

Artificial Intelligence


Cost Reduction

  • Proven to be faster than traditional methods of spraying.  AI assisted workflow control records and controls every system parameter to ensure precision application for every project.
  • Centimeter level precision navigation.
  • Micron level droplets are pushed and flung out from the rotary spraying disc to evenly adhere to the surface of crops. Droplet speed is enhanced by the propeller downdraft, which reduces spray drift significantly.
  • Covering large areas in less time reduces labor, time costs, water and chemical usage.
  • Utilizing the rotary atomizing spraying system, the drones secure farm produce quality while protecting the environment by reducing 30% of pesticide use and 90% of water waste.