P40 Agricultural drone

No. 1 in the world

XAG P40 Agricultural UAS

XAG P40 Agricultural UAS is a high-performance unmanned aerial system crafted for the optimum smart agriculture solution. Relentlessly improved with eyes on every detail that develops the perfect type of industrial design, it creates new dimensions of operation efficiency, precision and safety. Harnessing stronger power to support higher payload, XAG P40 further optimises the cost-effectiveness of crop spraying and granular spreading. Accurately and safely delivers more in less time.

Precise and Efficient Delivery

Rotary atomisation spraying, high-speed granule spreading, best performance yet.

Autonomous on All-terrain

Preload 3D landform, enhanced flight safety.

RTK CM-level Positioning

Dual RTK and optic flow positioning combine to navigate at high accuracy.

Max. 20L Capacity

Automatic obstacle avoidance now in four dimensions.

15min SuperCharge

Or flexible support of 12L/16L (liquid) and 16L (granule).

MIMO 4D Imaging Radar

2 smart batteries and 1 Auto SuperCharge Station render non-stop operation.

The Optimum Solution for Smart Agriculture

It’s an ever-evolving technology based on years’ practical experience in fields. The all-new XAG P40 is crafted into an ultimate balance between precision, efficiency, cost and safety.

Manual approach: imprecise, low efficiency, labor intensive and operator exposure to chemicals

Large grounds based machinery: imprecise, crop damage, soil compaction, only for plain field

Manned aircraft: chemical drifting, costly, high operational cost, runway infrastructure needed

XAG P40 Agricultural UAS: high, all-terrain autonomous operation, revolutionary efficiency, flexible operation

Just right on the Target
Never be More Precise as Needed

Compatible with both XAG iRASS Spraying System and JetSeed™ Granule Spreading System, XAG P40 is built to broaden the application scenarios of precision technology in agriculture. From seeding, crop spraying to granular spreading, nothing is wasted, just the right amount of everything precisely delivered to where you need it.


iRASS harnesses high-speed centrifugal forces to generate micron-level droplets, evenly adhered on both front and back surfaces of crop leaves. Powerful downdraft under the propellers further reduces drifting to increase chemical deposition.

Megaflow Peristaltic Pumps

Enable 7.2L/min maximum flow rate.

Megaflow Peristaltic Pumps

Up to 16000rpm rotation speed ensures ultimate spraying uniformity.

85-550μm Adjustable Droplet Size

Better absorbed by various crops.

Variable-Rate Spray Control

On-demand refilling, Bluetooth task info sync.

Smart Liquid Tank

Real-time regulate flowrate according to flight speed.

Automatic Liquid Refiller

Real-time volume sensing, Bluetooth task info sync.

JetSeed™ Spreading System

An automatic spreading machine engineered to project 1-10mm granules, such as seeds and fertilisers, effectively and accurately into the target environment. It features a smart built-in feeding mechanism and harnesses Bernoulli principle to achieve utmost spreading uniformity.

18m/s Controlled, High-velocity Airflow

Bring granules precisely to the target.

Purpose-built Vibrators

Prevent clogging and seed cluster.

Rolling Feeder in Different Sizes

Ensure uniform output of diverse granules.

Variable-Rate Spread Control

Real-time regulate output volume according to flight speed

Unrivalled Efficiency Upgraded by 29%
The Largest Payload Ever Designed

Through countless research and experiments, the 20L smart liquid tank is designed to create a perfect balance between higher payload and enhanced mobility, improving aerial spraying performance by 29%. Operation efficiency is taken to an unprecedented new level.

Efficiency Breakthrough

Maximum Capacity:20L liquid / 16L granule
Spray Width*: Rapid Spray 7m, Fine Spray 4.5m
Working Efficiency*: Rapid Spray 18ha/hr, Fine Spray 10ha/hr

Better Compatibility

Multi-purpose: Easy switch between spray and spread.
Flexible Capacity: 12L/16L/20L liquid / 16L granule

*Water sensitive paper droplet tests: fine spray ≥15 droplets/m², rapid spray ≥5 droplets/m². *Rapid Spray efficiency is calculated in 12L/ha dosage, 7m width and 7m/s flight speed; Fine Spray efficiency is calculated in 12L/ha dosage, 4.5m width and 6m/s flight speed.

High Performance Powertrain
15% Stronger than previous generation

The most powerful yet, XAG P40 is reinforced by larger-size slow-rotating propellers and more powerful motors to support higher payload without sacrificing flight agility and stability. FOC Vector ESCs accurately control the power output to achieve superior energy efficiency. Thanks to the flexible motor connection structure, propeller vibration is further diminished to ensure operational safety.

40 inch
Low-noise Propeller


Flexible Motor

FOC Vector

Preload the 3D Landform Data
Fully Autonomous Operation on All Terrains

XAG P40 provides three different operation modes intelligently adapted to multiple terrain types, ranging from plain field, mountain, hill, terrace to plateau. Users, through 3D high-definition maps, can capture a full picture of landscape from every angle to select the ideal mode that suits their individual needs. XAG P40 senses the slope of land to optimise the flight path and ensure safe, smooth operation even on complex landforms.

Standard Mode

Spot Mode

Customised Mode

All in one Smartphone
Refined User Experience at Your Fingertips

Through countless research and experiments, the 20L smart liquid tank is designed to create a perfect balance between higher payload and enhanced mobility, improving aerial spraying performance by 29%. Operation efficiency is taken to an unprecedented new level.

AI Prescription Map for Variable-rate Application

Based on data captured from RGB/MultiSpectrum Camera and the recognition result from XAG AI engine, the Prescription Map will be automatically generated to guide XAG P40 for spraying or spreading on wherever needed.

Customise Your Operational Parameters

Click on the targeted field, pre-set flight and spraying parameters and select appropriate operational flight path simply through the XAG Agri App.

Cloud OTA Upgrades

Support Over-the-Air (OTA), to enjoy the latest functions and services of XAG P40 through instant software and firmware upgrades.

1-on-5 Swarm Operation

One operator can control up to five XAG P40 UASs simultaneously. This maximises working efficiency, especially when large-scale operation is needed.

Palm Pilot Your UAS, simple as a TV Click
Now can also serve as an RTK Rover

WG1 Wireless Gateway

  • App Connection for Autonomous Operation. 2.5km Communication Range
  • WIFI Signal Repeat. Dynamic Control Range Expansion
  • Support 4G Mobile Network and WIFI Hotspot
  • Support GPS Positioning and External Power Supply

ACS2 ControlStick

  • Button-based Manual Control
  • Support Flight Path Upload to Smartphone
  • Provide Handheld RTK Mapping (Optional)
  • Small Field Operation without Mapping
  • Support 4G Mobile Network

MIMO 4D Imaging Radar, 30m Obstacle Avoidance. Safer than Ever

Through MIMO 4D Imaging Radar in the front and rear, 4D scanning is conducted to identify the exact 3D position, as well as the relative speed of any potential obstacles. Intelligently detect, predict and avoid in 4-dimension, XAG P40 is set to embrace the freedom of movement with higher operational safety.

4D Obstacle Sensing

Huge leap forward from point-to-point communication.

30m Long-range Detection mm-level Resolution

Perfect avoidance of object at ±12.5m/s relative velocity.

Precision Obstacle Detection

Detection accuracy up to 1cm radius no worry of wires in the field.

MIMO Technology

Detect 128 obstacles at the same time.

Terrain MMW Radar & Optic Flow Positioning

Support 30m terrain-following

SUPERX3 Pro RTK Flight Control System
Powerful Core That's Blazing Fast to Multitasks

Powerful Expansion

Serial port +CAN + USB, able to connest with 10+ module sets and 110+ control nodes

Centimetre-level Positioning

Dual RTK + cloud base station, autonomous flight at high accuracy .

Operational Contingency Design

GNSS + RTK Dual Positioning, sustain 600s high-accuracy flight when signal lost.

Full Access to 4G Network

Max three SIM cards mounted to secure stronger signal strength.

Edge Computing Respond at Lightening Speed

CPU + coprecessor, specialised for data processing on mapping & obstacle avoidance

Flight Safety to its Maximum

3 x IMU + Al fault prediction, safe and reliable with multiple redundancy system.

High Speed Data Link System 2

High-performance MESH networking ,long-range signal extension.

The "Black Box" Recorder

Real-time operational data transmission to the cloud, trace every single flight.

The World's Leading Industrial Design
with Superior Performance

Based on our profound consumer insights and unique thinking of ergonomics, XAG P40 inherits XAG’s classic design DNA, with sophisticated improvements for airframe structure and material application. It’s the pioneering design that redefines industry standards.

Aviation-Graded Materials
Lightweight, stronger and more flexible

Carbon-glass Fibre Composite Arm Tubes
Integrated Aluminium Alloy Landing Gear
Expandable Chemical-proof Tubing

High Modularised
Play Like Toys

Easy to maintain
Facilitate long-distance shipment
Quick assemble

IP67 Rated Waterproof
Protection Taken Further

Withstand powerful water jets
Not afraid of temporary soaking
Survive from harsh environment

Reinforced Construction
30% More Sturdy

Tri-segment Impact Absorbance’ structure
Roll Cage’ Design, protect cabin and key components
Flexible motor connection for vibration reduction

Worry-Free SuperCharge Endless Power on the Go

XAG P40 is powered by a 13-cell high-density Li-Po smart. The smart battery has a built-in XBMS intelligent battery management system which consistently monitors battery life and reassure charging safety. With only two B13860S Smart Batteries and one GC4000 Auto SuperCharge Station, non-stop field operation can be secured through continuous recharging cycle.

Water Cooling


865,8 Wh

15 min
3C SuperCharge

Less Waiting. Multiple Charging
Options to Save Your Time

Lightweight, stronger and more flexible

  • 3000W Rated Power. 15min SuperCharge*.
  • Support two batteries at the same time.
  • Variable frequency generator, ultra high fuel economy
  • Max. 20 batteries fully charged with 10L full tank of petrol
  • The light-weight gasoline generator, 26.5kg in net weight
  • XBMS intelligent battery management system, safe and reliable

CM12500 Intelligent SuperCharger

  • 2500W Rated Power, 18min SuperCharge
  • XBMS intelligent battery management system

*Laboratory research shows, under general operating conditions, the GC4000 Auto SuperCharge Station can fully charge a B13860S SuperCharge Battery within 15min. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, user habits, daily maintenance, etc.

XAG Smart Agriculture Solutions, Integrating Drone, AI and Cloud Computing

The perfect convergence of XAG P40 Agricultural UAS, XMission Multifunctional UAS and XAG Agriculture Intelligence (XAI) creates comprehensive smart agriculture solutions that are tailored to every user’s personal needs.

XMission Works for 3D Mapping, Effortless

  • Parameter pre-setting on smartphone.
  • Centimetre-level mapping, terrain-adaptive.
  • Support RGB and multi-spectrum camera

Digital Field Map Processing

  • XStation for on-site processing, quick & offline.
  • Encrypted cloud computing, high-speed & large-scale.
  • Generating HD Ortho Map and 3D Model.

XAI Cloud/Edge Recognition,
All Happen in Seconds

  • Identify field boundaries and obstacles.
  • Fruit tree locating, specific into centre and perimeter.
  • Identify weed/pest disease.
  • Identify cotton boll opening rate.

XAG P40 Autonomous Operation,
Precision with Ease

  • Large-scale, discriminating operation.
  • AI Prescription Map for Variable-rate Application

Cloud Platform Supervision, Take Industry Standards to New Level

XCloud is a visualised platform specifically built to regulate drone operation and manage flight information. Connected to the civil aviation authorities, it supports geo-fencing, no-fly zone self-check, remote locking and real-time tracking of equipment status (e.g., location, owner, operator and flight records). In line with the national safety requirement, all operator needs to be certified and each operating UAS should be registered through real-name authentication.

Spray, Spread, Protect and Restore Applications with Unlimited Possibilities

The True Technology Selected by 6.37
Million Farming Households

Every detail in our design is crafted with care for farmers and repeatedly tested in the farmlands. This is how we create precision and efficiency that set XAG P40 apart. Having introduced such state-of-the-art technology into the remote rural areas, XAG has empowered 6.37 million farmers with smart agriculture solutions.


Aerial Platform

Symmetrical Motor Wheelbase
1680 mm

Overall Dimensions
1,380×1,355×552mm (when the propellers are folded,with 20L liquid container)
2195×2210×552mm (when the propellers are unfolded,with 20L liquid container)

Transport Dimensions
1160 × 760 × 610 mm

Bare weight:19.27kg (Excluding battery and liquid container)
Deadweigt:26.62kg (Including battery and empty liquid container)

Arm Material
Carbon glass fiber

Waterproof Grade
IP67 (including battery)

Automatic Liquid Container

Rated:19L/Loaded to Capacity:20L

Working Volume
Rated:19L/Loaded to Capacity:20L




Rotating Speed Of Spray Tray
2000~16000 r/min

Atomizing Size
90-550μm (according to operation requirements)

Spray Width
Precision spraying: 4.5m
Quick spraying: 7.0m

Peristaltic Pump


42 V

Maximum System Flow Rate
7.2 L/min

Maximum flow rate(single pump)
1.8 L/min

JetSeed™ Granule Spreading System



2.5 kg

Waterproof Grade

Operating Temperature
-20° – 60° C

Storage Temperature
-10° – 40° C

Valid Width
2.5~4.5 m

Rotation Speed Of Rolling Feeder
20~80 r/min

Air Speed Of Feeding
0-18 m/s

Applicable Granule Size
1-10 mm (solid granule)

4D imaging radar (front and rear) - only in Premium


Power Consumption

Sensing Mode
Millimeter-wave imaging, MTMR

Sensing Parameters
Obstacle’s position, distance, direction of movement, relative speed

Sensing Range
≥1 cm @1.5~30m
*Subject to the material, shape, size, position, etc. of the target object

Field Of View (FOV)
Horizontal ±35°, vertical ±35°

Obstacle Avoidance Direction
Obstacle avoidance based on flight direction (front and rear).

Relative Height Of Safe Obstacle Avoidance
≥ 1.5 m

Relative Speed Of Safe Obstacle Avoidance
≤ 8 m/s

Distance Of Safe Obstacle Avoidance
2.5 m (Distance between the tip of the propeller and the obstacle after the UAV brakes and hovers stably)

Terrain Sensor


Sensing Mode

Height Measurement Range
0.5~30 m

Fixed Height Range
1~30 m

Maximum Gradient
45°(at flight speed of 2m/s)



Dimension (stator)
80×30 mm

KV Value
85 rpm/V

Maximum Tension
22 kg (single)

Rated Power
1,500 W (single)

Electronic Speed Controller


Maximum Operating voltage
56.5 V (13S Lipo)

Maximum Continuous Operating Current
100 A

Control Stick


Compatible Device

Operating Frequerncy

Max Signal Range (no interference / obstruction)
800 m

Energy Exhausts Of The Work
3 W

Operating Temperature
-10 ~ 40℃

Ambient Temperature For Charging

Foldable Prepeller


Diameter x Screw Pitch
40 x 12.8 inch

Blade Weight
162 g

Gross Weight
440 g

Smart Battery


Lithium polymer battery


Rated Output
48.1V / 120A

Charging Temperature

Super Charger


Nominal Power
2500 W

Charge Input
AC 90-175V 50/60Hz 16A (Max)
AC 180-260V 50/60Hz 16A (Max)

Charge Output
DC 50-60V/25A(Max)/1250W (AC 90-175V)
DC 50-60V/50A (Max)/2500W (AC 180-260V)

Operating Temperature

Auto Super Charge Station


492 × 407 × 462 mm

Number Of Cylinders

Deadweight:26.5kg(Excluding gasoline and engine oil)
Fullweight:34.3kg(Including gasoline and engine oil)

Electrical starting

Compression Ratio

Tank Capacity
10 L

Air Intake
Natural Aspiration

Spark Ignition

Fuel Consumption
≤0.6L/KW.h(at 25 ℃,0 altitude,92# unleaded gasoline under national standards @charging power of 3KW)

No-load Speed


Rated Shaft Output Power

Rated charging power

Service Life
>500 hours

Total Displacement

Pollutant Emission
GB Stage II