Farm Camera

Capture Your Land
in Every Details

1600W Image Camera


IP65 Water and Dust Resistant

Built to withstand tough environments.

Infrared Night Mode

Intelligent road condition prediction

Cloud Monitoring

Manage your devices via PC or smartphone.

Real-time Sharing

4G supported. Share your farm anywhere, anytime.


​Livestream your farm.

Designed to Withstand Water and Dust. Indoors and Out.

Built with IP65 protection level, the IFC16S Farm Camera is ready to effectively operate in various outdoor environments. For example, plain fields, hills, mountains or deserts. Moreover, it can handle heat, storms and snow.

Interval Shot, Snap Every Single Moment of Your Crops.

With interval timer shooting mode, the IFC16S Farm Camera takes field photos at any selected interval and automatically integrates all images into a day-to-night time-lapse video. Furthermore, you can take a closer look into a specific crop growth moment or enjoy a video playback to explore the journey of your crops experience.

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The All-new Infrared Night Vision.

See through the dark to guard your land. Previously, some invasive pests ventured out to feast on crops at night when farmers had no clue about it. The IFC16S Farm Camera adds infrared night vision mode to open your eyes in the nighttime. Hence, you can monitor your field whenever you like, 24/7.

Introduce Live-Streaming Feature. Go Live with Your Farm.

Simply press a button on your phone or computer to switch to live stream mode. The IFC16S Farm Camera enables farmers to check out their crop condition and monitor every farming activity. For example, seeding, fertilization and spraying.

Multi-device Management. Monitor from Anywhere You Like.

Either at home or on the go, farmers can track the real-time status of their farmlands and identify any potential crop disease on their PC or smartphone. Embedded GPS enables accurate equipment distribution management.

Support 4G Network. One Tap to Share Your Farm Views.

Crop images and data would be simultaneously transmitted to the cloud through high-speed 4G network. Just one touch to post your farm view and share your joy of harvest to anyone who matter.

Solar Power Supply, Operating even on Rainy Days.

Wiring free and easy-to-assemble, the IP67 Solar Panel has a built-in 7500mAh battery to unleash powerful, eco-friendly energy. IFC16S Farm Camera can keep working during rainy weather for 15 consecutive days.


Input Voltage


Operating Temperature


Output Voltage


IP Rating


Battery Capacity




Solar Panel Power





Weight 220g
Voltage 5~15V
Power Mode Solar Panel/USB Charging
Operating Temperature -20~60 ℃
IP Rating IP65
Network Type 4G
Positioning GPS/Base Station
Resolution Ratio 1600M Pixel
Focus 3.9 mm
Horizontal FOV 77.5°
Vertical FOV 61°
Diagonal FOV 90°
Voice Recording Support
Video Frame Rate 720p@25fps
Night Vision Range ≤10m